A new Project:
After watching the Movie "Der Untergang" and surfing the genious Website of Andreas Nossmann the idea for a Minidiorama was born.
April 1945, somewhere in Germany. 3 Soldiers buried a death comrade and are standing for a minute's silence in front of his grave.
First pictures can be seen in the WIP-Gallery.


A new Year and another Update in the Battletech Gallery Section :
A reseen Archer in a custom paint scheme.


Yes, I'm still alive and back with another Update in the Battletech Gallery Section :
A Victor and a Orion in the colors of the german chapter "Tortuga Pirates"


Only another small Category - something about myself :)


And again another Project in the WIP-Gallery:
The resculpted Battletech Mad Dog (Vulture), modified to Variant "H"


Added another Project to the WIP-Gallery:
A Chaos Marine Sorcerer... yes one new WIP after another... sometimes I'm going to finish all these Jobs *g*


Added a new Project to the WIP-Gallery:
A new Tyranid Custom... It's hard for me to find a name for him. The main idea was to make a new "Red Terror".


A new Mini today:
A reseen Thunderbolt, my entry for the Miniature Painting Contest on Outreach Con 2004.
You'll find it in the Battletech Gallery Section.


Just added a few links. If you want your Site linked here, just drop me a mail :)


Launch of my Website. Some stuff yet on this Page - more stuff will be there soon :)